Specialized Transportation & Logistics


DMR Dispatch offers a full range of customs and logistics management capabilities to help you meet the demands of your industry and your customers. Every shipment is matched to the appropriate vehicle to maximize efficiency and control costs.

Our use of state of the art electronic innovations in computer software means we are fully equipped to provide you value for your transportation dollar.

From the moment you call us, you get more than just a truck...

Why Choose DMR Truck

for all your logistics needs?

Superior Communication


    Customer Service

    Knowledgeable attentive customer service representatives who answer your questions promptly 24 hours a day, seven days a week,


    Monitored Shipments

    We monitor your shipments closely using DMR Satellite equipped trailers, and answer all your needs while in transit

Customer Loyalty



    DMR does not communicate with your customer - any questions will be directed to you, not your shipper or consignee


    Personalized Service

    DMR uses only DMR drivers, tractors, trailers and dispatch



    Long Haul

    Years of international freight business experience



    Knowledgeable customer service representatives who are up to date on all Canadian and United States Customs regulations


    Efficient Solutions

    Informed and efficient solutions to all new security requirements in Canada and United States